The fundamentals

Every great project begins with a thorough discovery process. We start with a kick off call or meeting to understand your goals, audience, company and more. Next we create a plan of action to collect brand assets and existing marketing materials. In some cases, we'll set up follow up calls with product and/or services leads to do a deeper dive.


The cornerstone

Great writing begins with great talent. That's why our U.S. based writers come from a strong pedigree. More importantly, they're experienced in writing about technical products and services. So they can work collaboratively to translate the value from your brand into a simple, yet effective, story.


The Checkpoint

Before we get too excited, we take a creative breath. Storyboards give us a chance to get on the same page about the aesthetics. Do we all like the composition of each scene? Is the color palette working? Once we answer these questions, we're ready to get on to the fun stuff.


The Fun

Ok. So it really is hard work. However, production allows projects that require on-location filming to come to life. Our team handles the logistics from end-to-end. That includes location management, crewing, equipment rentals, insurance, catering, and all the other little details that are involved.

Post Production

The End? Or just the beginning?

Living in the digital and social space has meant that we spend a disproportionate amount of time in post-production. Many of our projects start as a single video, but through the post-production process, they can turn into many videos. So this is the part where we not only handle editing, color correction, sound mixing & music, stock footage licensing, voice-over, subtitling, and translation, but it’s also the part where we creative derivative content, additional sizes, and more.