Built for Broadcast

Creative Alignment

The fundamentals

Brands spend weeks and even months distilling creative thinking into executable concepts. So when a brief or storyboards hit our desks, we know what's at stake. That's why we make our initial interactions about creative alignment. We want to determine how best to deploy resources to make a vision come to life. What platforms will we be shooting for? What kind of production quality will make the most sense for the creative? In what context will audiences be watching?

Department Heads


Filmmaking has been done a certain way for about a hundred years. The roles of Directors, DP's, Production Designers, and other department heads have continued to exist because they enable great production. At the same time, platforms like YouTube and TikTok have fostered a new era for production, where it seems like one person can do it all. So what is a production company to do? We still believe in using department heads and they are a part of all our productions, large and small. The key is staff the right number of heads for each production.

Cinema Workflow

You get what you pay for

Our first year in business, we shot more than 100 videos, and most were done using DSLR cameras. It was 2012 and everyone thought it was OK back then. Some people still do, but we're not a part of the group. In 2013, we bought a Red Camera and never looked back. Since then, our DP's have always shot on cinema cameras and high-end glass. And as a result, we also color all our projects in Resolve. It may not seem like a huge deal. But as cost pressures have increased over the years (along with the appetite for more deliverables), it's a standard we've been proud to maintain.

Production Platform


Tech is a sensitive subject in the production industry. Like we said earlier, there's a way that things have been done for over a hundred years now. We don't like anything changing that, especially if it sounds like it's coming from Silicon Valley. But here's what we've found after doing this for a decade: It takes too long to staff up. There. We said it. And so a few years ago, we started building our own staffing solution. It's improved our time to hire by 500%, which means we're getting to work and finishing our work faster.

Post Production

The End? Or just the beginning?

Living in the digital and social space has meant that we spend a disproportionate amount of time in post-production. Many of our projects start as a single video, but through the post-production process, they can turn into many videos. So this is the part where we can handle editing, color correction, sound mixing & music, stock footage licensing, voice-over, subtitling, and translation, as well as creating derivative content, additional sizes, and more.