At Marching Penguin, our Directors are not exclusive to our production company. We give each of them the opportunity to work with other production companies and advertising agencies. So if you’re interested in working with someone on the roster, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Los Angeles, CA

Jordi is a writer / director based in Los Angeles. He has more than a decade of experience working with major brands and start ups alike. To date, he has directed more than 1500 videos in a wide variety of formats including: live action, animation, and documentary-style.


Jordi has worked with brands of all sizes and some of his most notable clients include Facebook, Sony Pictures, Fox, Experian, and Ford.


Los Angeles, CA

Jordi has built his career by telling stories about how people interact with technology. Always with an eye towards “what’s possible” and “what’s next”, his work has spanned the technologies of our time: gaming, social media, influencer marketing, e-commerce, entertainment, software, VR, AI, and many more.


To date, he has directed more than 2,000 videos in a wide variety of formats including: live action, animation, and documentary-style.


Having worked with A-List celebrities, animals, and children on set, Jordi still believes that working with a squirrel was his greatest challenge to date. He’s ready for the next one!

Alex Beh

Los Angeles, CA

Alex is a commercial director based in Los Angeles. Known for his ability to cleverly inject humor into his work, he has been directing commercials, branded content, music videos and motion pictures for over fifteen years.


Alex has worked with a swath of major brands including: Febreze, Kmart, Gillette, Jack Daniels, Honda, and Fazolis.


Austin, TX

Fusing the worlds of New York City and Spanish aesthetics, Chronicles of Phoenix aids in the creation of unique pieces by giving each project its own voice. Their shooting style is innovative yet relatable, while always placing emphasis on captivating imagery.


They’ve worked with numerous brands around the world, from commercial to non-profit, and with a combined 25 years of experience Directing, Chronicles of Phoenix are able to create an inviting and professional environment throughout the entire creation process, without forgetting to enjoy the journey.


Los Angeles, CA

An Upstate New York boy, Sig has been directing both narrative and commercials in Los Angeles for the better part of a decade. He’s worked with a range of clients from start ups all the way to Fortune 500 companies like Ford.


He can shoot sexy, he can shoot funny, but can he shoot sexy funny? Let’s find out together.


Los Angeles, CA

BLT’s goal is to tell stories about people and products that reach across borders and ignite passions and imaginations. The most human stories are often the most explosive, which is exactly how he likes to tell them.


He has directed a few viral videos, was a Top 20 finalist on HBO’s Project Greenlight, and has achieved a few festival wins including Conde Nast’s Best Travel Video. His directing has taken him around the world to more than 110 nations where he has witnessed firsthand the ideas and elements that inspire, console, entertain, and unite the people all over the world.