MASTERCHEF JUNIOR – Shrimp Ceviche Nachos

Jimmy, from Masterchef Junior season 3, showed us how to whip up a batch of a delectable childhood dish in this made-for-social video. The video was one of five created in collaboration with Fox and Endemol Shine, the creators of Masterchef. It started with our experienced writers working collaboratively with Endemol Shine to distill a recipe down to its essential elements. On set, the physical production team used 4 different cameras to capture all the right angles. Finally, Marching Penguin’s award-winning post-production team took charge of handling all the editing, color correction, and sound mixing to accompany this exciting culinary adventure. The end result? A video as tasteful as Jimmy’s buffalo chicken bites. 


Pre-Production, Copywriting, Live-Action Production, Editorial, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Sound Mixing, Stock Footage & Music Licensing

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