Marching Penguin’s world-class animators took the reins for this collaboration with Sixgill – Sense to generate an entirely new take on their sensor data processing software. The one-of-a-kind graphics were designed keeping Sixgill – Sense’s branding in mind while adding our own unique artistry. With so much complicated information, our story editors transformed the technical jargon into simple yet effective storytelling, while also making sure to analyze the compositions and color palettes of each scene with painstaking detail to ensure a fully cohesive visual. We got tired of traditional formulaic informational videos, so we elevated every step of the production process along the way. 


Pre-Production, Copywriting, Storyboarding, Casting, Live-Action Production, Editorial, Color Correction, Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Mixing, Stock Footage & Music Licensing, Voiceover

Animation, B2B